The DSF catalogue is out for Sharaf DG showcasing a range of awesome, Windows 8 Sony Vaio laptops.

sony vaio in dubai

If you buy a Sony Vaio laptop in Dubai from any of the Sharaf DG stores then you could be in to win a 10,000 AED gift voucher.

The available Sony Vaio laptops all with Windows 8 64 bit are:

T13127:  contains a 256GB SSD drive as mentioned in a previous post.  Priced at 5595AED.  

Compare with the Sony VAIO T Series SVT13127CXS 13.3-Inch Ultrabook (Silver) at Amazon which features a hybrid drive (magnetic drive + SSD drive).  A Hybrid Hard Drive provides faster access to your documents, and faster boot up compared to a standard hard drive.

D11215: contains a 128 SSD and a 11.6 inch screen.  Priced at 5295AED.

S13125:  contains a normal 750GB hard drive (hence the reduction in price) and is priced at 3995AED.

E14122:  contains a 320 serial hard drive and costs 2195AED and is still a sufficient laptop for the average user.